Here we present a compendium of knowledge in the form of articles and blogs by Artios, case histories covering completed tasks for existing clients and interesting knowledge from other sources which we have discovered on our journey through the Internet.

SEO Glossary

by Andreas Voniatis

A comprehensive glossary of over 220+ SEO terms with definitions including useful links. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q…

Online Review Statistics 2022 – How Many Consumers Check Review Sites

by Andreas Voniatis

Online Review Statistics 2022 Online reviews are everywhere in 2022. You can review pretty much anything, from a hotel to your local plumber. For consumers, these reviews can help them…

SEO Statistics 2022

by Andreas Voniatis

For those of who’ve built careers out of winning search engine visibility, the significance of search as a marketing channel needs no introducing. Every single year, Google Trends shows demand…

International SEO Best Practices Guide

by Andreas Voniatis

It is always important to let search engines know where the business is based in as many ways as possible, especially for sites which target multiple countries with a single…

Non Indexable Content SEO Best Practices Guide

by Andreas Voniatis

Duplicate Content Duplicate content is content that appears on the Internet in more than one place (URL). When there are multiple pieces of identical content on the Internet, it is…

JavaScript Frameworks SEO Best Practices Guide

by Andreas Voniatis

Relying heavily on JavaScript to render your page content and provide navigation functionality brings with it well-known risks in terms of technical SEO, indexing and linking challenges. While Googlebot is…

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