Here we present a compendium of knowledge in the form of articles and blogs by Artios, case histories covering completed tasks for existing clients and interesting knowledge from other sources which we have discovered on our journey through the Internet.

Mastering E-commerce SEO: A Data Driven Guide

by Andreas Voniatis

Mastering E-commerce SEO: A Data Driven Guide In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, the success of any online store heavily relies on being on the 1st page of Google search results…

SEO Statistics 2023

by Andreas Voniatis

We’ve carried out our own survey, crunched some numbers and proudly present our SEO statistics for 2022 and 2023. SEO Statistics in a Nutshell How Many People Use Search Engines…

Influencer Marketing Statistics 2023

by Andreas Voniatis

The Micro Version – Quick Facts Do Influencers Really Influence Sales? Younger People Are More Likely to Be Influenced to Buy by Social Media Are Men or Women Likelier to…

Online Customer Reviews & Online Reputation Management Statistics of 2023

by Andreas Voniatis

Online Customer reviews are everywhere in 2023. You can review pretty much anything, from a hotel to your local plumber. For consumers, these reviews can help them to make buying…

SEO Glossary 2023

by Andreas Voniatis

A comprehensive SEO glossary of over 220+ SEO terms with definitions including useful resources. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P…

How to Approach Data Driven SEO Expertly

by Andreas Voniatis

Our recent SEO Statistics which polled over 2,000 respondents showed that over 50% of user traffic on the web is from organic search, even though 90% of content gets no…

How To Be Famous On TikTok

by Andreas Voniatis

TikTok. The world’s most popular app for Gen Z and the busiest social channel with over a billion monthly users visiting up to 21 times a day. With that much…

The habits startup CMOs confess to having in 2023

by Andreas Voniatis

As part of our series focusing on CMOs and their essential role within a business, we share some candid interviews with marketing professionals in various types of businesses from start-ups…

Webflow SEO guide

Webflow SEO 2023 Guide + Review

by Andreas Voniatis

What is Webflow? What is Webflow SEO? Technical SEO behaviors and issues Auditing Tools Canonical Tags Redirects Robots.txt and XML Sitemaps Noindex, Nofollow and Meta Robots Titles and Meta Descriptions…

Shopify SEO Guide 2023: Learn the hacks

by Andreas Voniatis

What is Shopify? Shopify is an e-commerce CMS platform that allows businesses to create their own online store and sell products and/or services to customers online. Since its founding in…

How to hire a vetted SEO consultant in 2023

by Andreas Voniatis

What does a SEO consultant do? The types of businesses SEO freelancers work with How can SEO experts help your business? What happens when working with a SEO freelancer goes…

What is keeping CMOs up at night?

by Andreas Voniatis

We asked marketing professionals to share their fears and what they wrestle with daily in their role as Chief Marketing Officers, budget handlers and epic negotiators  Chief marketing officers or…

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