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There are no shortcuts in SEO. Artios is based on a logical, HUMAN-DEVELOPED mathematical structure, continuously supported and enhanced by AI. This structure develops and evolves as we are gather more data and learn more, using a combination of human skills and continuous machine learning to establish and refine the operationally viable knowledge we deliver to our clients.

The four operational imperatives in a dynamic online environment are:-

Your objective becomes ours

It is simple – getting your site onto Page One – but the task of getting there and staying there becomes more difficult and more competitive daily.

Part of the difficulty is because, at best, your investment in SEO is in the main, based on guesswork and intuition, backed by a few rules and techniques, which scratch the surface of this complex world.

Most ranking factors vary from industry to industry.

What do you think the optimal reading age for wedding services is? What about energy saving light bulbs? What happens when you rewrite or refresh? – there may be unexpected consequences.

These are just some of the questions Artios can answer.

“50% of my marketing expenditure is wasted, but I don’t know which 50%”

Lord Leverhulme’s famous observation

A Continuous Process

If you are not on page one of Google’s organic rankings, your business is under-performing and failing to fulfill its true potential. Consumer behaviour online tells us that over 70% of website visitors never get past page one – page two is ‘nowhere’ by comparison. Search Engine Optimisation is today’s marketing mantra – and will remain so into the foreseeable future. Google has over 10,000 ranking criteria – but which 200 are the most useful?

Search is complex and is destined to become increasingly so as Google (and the other search engines) decide which of a growing number of web pages are most likely to satisfy the searcher’s query.

Variable Optimal range Average rank
Has top keywords False 15.5
Speed score 90 – 99 44.8
Image response 0-1700 50.0
HTML response 320 – 400
Average width 0 -350 46.7
Java script response 260 to 3400 43.9

There is no room for half measures in SEO. You need to know:-

What will work
And the impact on your rankings
– and you need solid evidence that your strategy is viable.

Today, it’s possible that all your investment in SEO is being wasted because your efforts are being misdirected. You may be failing to optimise your position in the rankings for one simple reason – you don’t have the right knowledge about your website and those of your main competitors.

This knowledge is what the early stages of our continuous process are designed to deliver.

Delivery and Evolution

We work to a multi-month programme with a clear vision of what we want to achieve. We continuously monitor and analyse your website and those of your key competitors to establish the strengths and weakness of your position and theirs.

Within four weeks, we deliver an initial report, with initial recommendations defining specific action and, as that action is taken, the results and impact are tracked.

All through this period, the Artios System is engaged in deep learning processes based on a combination of human and artificial intelligence.

Regular reports cover specific subjects and ‘Signals’ highlight mission-critical discoveries, especially in the later stages of learning. Before the end of the 12-month period, we deliver a comprehensive review of knowledge gained and action recommended to be set against the commercial benefits.


Keyword and competitor SERPS analysis

We test over 200 ranking hypothesis for the top 100 ranking sites for your target keywords to understand what is working and what isn’t.

As a result we now know and have a predictive model for:

  • Your most significant SEO factors
  • Their numerical impact on rankings
  • The optimal benchmarks per factor

The clarity gained from stage 1 opens a number of opportunities for exploiting your statistically verified SEO knowledge.

Deeper Learning

1. Ranking Factor auditing

We use machine learning to help you exploit the ranking factor insight so that your creative solutions are 95% statistically proven to work.

2. Content Relevance modelling

To improve and sustain your higher rankings, we apply machine learning, in particular natural language processing, to maximise the relevance of your landing page content. Thereby your content has a much higher chance of satisfying the user’s search query.

3. Offsite modelling

Backlinks and social media shares often provide brand awareness, domain authority, content relevance and targeted traffic. We deploy machine learning to predictively model the attributes that will optimise your offsite profile.


1. Self learning SERPs model

The benefit of time gives us the opportunity to understand how long each SEO change takes to improve your SEO results. It also becomes much easier to:

  • Monitor competitor activities and the effects on their SEO
  • Understand algorithm changes and updates like Penguin, Panda or unknown ones
  • Identify any negative SEO that has penalised or resulted in a manual action

Self Learning

1. Dashboard SERPs KPI Tracking

With your new found SERPs KPIs, we create dashboards in Tableau to help you monitor daily your sites performance against the proven SERPs benchmarks. Helping you stay on top of your bespoke factors.

Competitive Advantage

The premise is simple. The better your knowledge, the greater your ability to outthink and outmanoeuvre your competitors. The Artios System not only delivers knowledge, it delivers a continuously evolving competitive advantage.

You not only get ahead, you stay ahead.

Pragmatic Approach

Artios is a specialist knowledge provider. This is our total focus. We work with your online team – in-house and/or retained. To retain objectivity, we do not supply further services. Our mission is to make your online marketing measurably more effective and significantly more risk-free.

There is only one way to reduce risk and that is to make better decisions. Artios delivers this essential benefit by providing dynamic knowledge and strategic input. No change of existing service provider is required – ‘just’ better direction, ongoing monitoring and fair accountability. You will see a gradual evolution of SEO effectiveness with the choice of day-to-day service providers as a client prerogative.

How do you Structure Cost

We work on the basis of a monthly retainer which is geared to the 12-month knowledge cycle. We quote fees within a narrow band which is determined by the size and complexity of your website. The 20 or so clients who have completed their first one-year cycle have come to see Artios as an essential component which fits logically into the marketing budget.

What next?

Hemagoras, a Greek teacher of rhetoric who lived and worked in Rome at around 100BC defined all the questions that can be asked:-

Quam ad modum?
in what way?
Quibus adminiculus?
by what means?

We ask a single question which we apply to every recommendation:-

You will find many of the answers on this website.

Alternatively, call us for a discussion – face-to-face or online.

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