Data Driven SEO Coaching and Consulting

Delivery: 1 hour to 1 week

Different levels of coaching and consulting to suit your resources and match your goals. Whether it’s a group ‘ask me anything’, a private coaching or sessions with your team to spark high organic growth from SEO. We cover anything and everything it’s keyword discovery, competitor strategy, technical audits, content, site migrations, reporting insights to backlinks. We cover it all. More here.

Google Traffic Recovery

Delivery: 3 – 4 weeks 

Whether it’s a site migration gone wrong, a Google algorithm update or penalty. Using machine learning, we will find out the statistically proven remedial actions you need to take to recover your site traffic and beyond. More here.

Competitor SEO Strategy

Delivery: 3 – 4 weeks

Find the search engine factors that make your top ranking competitors tick. That means the critical ranking factors and winning benchmarks your site needs to meet with recommendations. More here.

Digital PR

Delivery: 6 – 9 weeks

Reduce your reliance on paid media ads and become the authority in your market. Our content asset creation and digital outreach will earn links from high traffic sites to grow your business.

Meta content

Delivery: 4 weeks

The future is automation and content for meta tags is no different. We’ve created AI models learned from millions of data points to generate optimised meta titles and descriptions that will improve your search results click through rate (CTR). More here.


Delivery: 4 weeks

Spend more time responding and creating SEO solutions to grow your business. Our passion for SEO, automation and data science has led us to create our own reporting system. This allows your team to spend less time collating and analysing the numbers (computers do this faster, better and cheaper) and more time understanding your SEO to generate better solutions. More here.

“Andreas has helped us deliver massive growth in a short space of time having assisted us with the site migrations and driving initiatives to grow search. As always his work is reassuringly backed by data and his encyclopaedic SEO wisdom. He is always full of enthusiasm and energy. I highly recommend him.”

Irina Dzhambazova, Head of Marketing Communications, Boundless

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