Google broad core updates among other updates are a fact of SEO life often resulting in losses in rankings, traffic and revenue.

The good news is that Google is an algorithm and not a human committee (despite input from the Search Quality team) which means it’s objective. Falling out from any Google update is not personal or targeted. Your site is simply not meeting the criteria. Google updates are also:


Google Updates to Recover From

In this current era of SEO, most businesses, brands and non-profit organisations are likely to face these updates going forward:


Website Migration Relaunch or Redesign

Perhaps it wasn’t an update but your website got relaunched following a redesign or a site migration. This can happen when SEO hasn’t been fully integrated into the planning process. Either way, the process is similar and we can help you.


Our Approach and Delivery

Given Google is an algorithm, it only makes sense to respond by combining our SEO knowledge asking critical questions of the data in combination with machine learning use algorithms. This means we will within 6 weeks or less:

  1. Collect the relevant data on the SERPs from multiple sources (including Google Search Console)
  2. Use data science to clean, transform and extract features for hypotheses testing
  3. Understand the before and after impact of update to help inform the modelling
  4. From the hypothesis we will model the SERPs your SEO operates within
  5. Analyse the model outputs to understand what it means from a SEO practitioner perspective so we know where to look
  6. Generate tailored recommendations that are statistically proven to recover your website’s SEO


If it is link spam related and a penalty is required then an outreach programme will be required.

This process is virtually foolproof because despite the inner workings of Google Updates being Google’s intellectual property i.e. their trade secrets, what we do know is that:

The challenge is to discover the process by statistically analysing the data using the same approach Google would to decide what works and what doesn’t. We’re merely using Google data and Google-like methodology to help you recover performance in Google.


The Cost of Recovery 

Our quotes start with a single language market and website. ​​

Pricing is on application as it depends on the number of keywords for analysis which affects the number of data sources that need to be procured for a successful outcome.

Don’t delay. Start your Google Recovery. Today.

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