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Python for SEO training.

Learn how to apply data science to SEO with Python for SEO training. Start solving complex SEO challenges. Run reliable split AB tests. Scale your SEO operations more profitably and faster.

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You’ll learn how to use Python to…


Python scripts for SEO and more

But we won’t just give you the goodies, if you’re so inclined, you’ll also learn:

Our Courses   

  1. SEO Data Extraction                                           
  2. SEO Data Analysis and Science 
  3. Data Visualisation 
  4. Keyword Discovery I 
  5. Keyword Discovery II 
  6. Competitor Strategy 
  7. PageSpeed Science 
  8. Content Strategy
  9. Technical Audits 
  10. Internal Link Audits 
  11. Backlink Audits 
  12. Client Reporting

Bespoke options are also available if you’d like to mix and match the above to fit your SEO operational needs for your training day(s).


You’ll need…

A laptop with preferably pre-installed Python and Jupyter Notebooks or Google COLAB. 

If not, I’ll show you on the day.

To make it a tailored (and great) experience

Throughout the training, you’ll have access to any of the training materials provided, including 1 hour of instructor correspondence for Q&A post course completion. 

Meet Your Instructor, Andreas

Hi! I’m Andreas, I started SEO in 2003 and never looked back. Well, almost. In 2012, machine learning was (and still is) a hot topic which piqued my interest, enough to distract me from my mad passion for SEO! 

So much so that I retrained in university-level mathematics, Python coding, data science, AI and cloud computing. 

Since then, the SEO (and the world) never looked the same again. I felt like Neo in the matrix when he finally realised he was The One. From my new found knowledge, all I’ve thought about since is how I could apply Python to make SEO more data driven and automated.

Over the last decade, I’ve worked out how to apply data science, using the Python language to semi (and in many cases fully) automate my SEO work life such as keyword research, client reporting, and much much more.

Now I’m here to share my knowledge with you! 


Training Outcomes



​​Cost for 3-8 attendees from the same organisation: £1,995 +vat per module

Cost for each additional attendee over 8 attendees: +£150 +vat per module

Individuals: £895 +vat per module

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