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Andreas Voniatis

SEO Data Scientist

Andreas founded Artios in 2013 to apply an advanced mathematical approach and machine learning using AI to digital marketing. The objective was, and remains, to deliver measurable, sustainable and future-proof results to clients.

Andreas is an experienced digital marketing professional. His work in digital marketing has included consultancy services to Exxon Mobil, Tesco, HSBC, Zurich Insurance, Quorn and a range of smaller clients and start-ups. During 2013, his work on reverse engineering the Google Penguin algorithm to a 98% statistical confidence level attracted the attention of Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Land for and his groundbreaking work on search engine methodology has continued.

Andreas is a qualified management accountant (ACMA), holds a degree in Economics from Leeds University and has specialised in data science and AI for online marketing since graduation.

Hemant Sharma

Data Engineer

Hemant brings advanced programming skills to system development, guiding the evolution of our algorithms and refining their functionality. He is an experienced data engineer who leads the ongoing development and evolution of the Artios system.

Hemant’s experience ranges from hands-on infrastructure and application software development to sophisticated predictive modelling. A graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Mumbai), Hemant has held senior engineering roles at Lattice Engines and Yahoo!.

David Pepper

SEO Product Development

David combines an extremely strong technical SEO background with a decisive creative streak to deliver results for clients time and time again. With a degree in Business Information Systems and a background as a web developer, David is particularly successful at applying technology to push the boundaries of SEO to achieve more measurable and predictable results.

David has a proven track record of helping businesses of all sizes, from SMEs through to multinational organisations to experience significant growth from their online marketing activities, pioneering the use of maths and AI within the competitive and fast-moving discipline of SEO.

Hannah Adcock

Content Strategy Product Development

Hannah is a technologically-minded content strategist who specialises in helping start-ups, tech companies and quick-moving companies grow their business through content. Her training and experience add skills in content strategy, content marketing and copywriting to the interpretation of AI-delivered knowledge to which she adds basic coding skills, HTML/Markdown and GitHub to improve workflow with technical teams.

After graduating from Cambridge University with an Honours degree in English in 2002, Hannah spent the next 10+ years working as a copywriter, journalist and project manager for organisations, publications and think tanks in the UK, Egypt and Germany. She was awarded a masters in Global Politics, with distinction, by the London School of Economics in 2013.

Katherine Elton

Content Marketing Product Development

A seasoned journalist and PR professional with more than fifteen years’ experience, Katherine has specialised in content marketing and web copywriting. She has achieved measurable results for clients across the b2b, b2c and charity sectors. She holds both the National Certificate for the Training of Journalists Pre-Entry and National Certificate qualifications. With her strong journalism background, Katherine knows what makes online news, how publications work and the PR challenges our clients

With her strong journalism background, Katherine knows what makes online news, how publications work and the PR challenges our clients face.

Her work with Artios is focussed on defining what makes some PR coverage more beneficial for SEO than another and supporting algorithm development, especially in the context of the inter-relations between websites.

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