“You don’t need data generalists.
You need data automation specialists.”


We identify content opportunities that arise where there are content gaps.


– Your site ranks poorly for high performing paid search phrases.

– You have no content addressing the user searches throughout all phases of their search journey

– Trending searches

Once identified, we produce and integrate that content into your site so that you can benefit from free organic traffic within a 6 to 8 week timeframe on a target search phrase.

This means a more complete search journey for the user and greater brand awareness. What gets measured, gets managed.

That’s why organic demand generation is supported by the automated dashboarding of SEO data, so we can focus on the learning of that data to pounce on those SEO opportunities fast.

Why what you have is not enough

We connect the data and automate collection to a cloud instance owned by you.

What’s more, the data science is also automated, so we can find and present the patterns in a dashboard of your choice be it Data Studio, Tableau or other.

Using the dashboard, we manage your SEO campaign according to the opportunities presented which means recommendations on:

– Demand Generation content
– UX and Architecture to aid content discovery and conversion
– Authority to increase your brand prominence online

Andreas founded Artios to do something original – to apply an advanced mathematical approach and AI/Machine Learning to digital marketing. The objective? To deliver measurable, sustainable and future-proof results to clients.

With a background in digital marketing and an expert in data science, he has helped companies gain an edge through data science and automation. That’s why he’s been trusted by Trivago, Lyst, Virgin Games, Dentsu & other leading brands.

His groundbreaking work on reverse engineering the Google Penguin algorithm to a 98% statistical confidence level has been recognised by Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Land.

Andreas is a qualified management accountant (ACMA), holds a degree in Economics from Leeds University and has specialised in data science and AI for online marketing for over a decade.

Andreas works with a number of other data specialists who can help tailor an automated data solution, according to a client’s needs.

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