Data Driven SEO

By Artios founder and CEO Andreas Voniatis

Foreword by Will Critchlow

I first met Andreas over a decade ago in London. I’ve seen some of the things he has been able to build over the years, and he is going to be an incredible guide through the intricacies of wrangling data to your benefit in the world of SEO. Happy coding!

Will Critchlow, CEO, Searchpilot

Who is this for?

Want to take your industry skills to the next level and enhance your business value? 

Whether you’re a new starter or highly experienced in SEO and Python programming, this practical book by Andreas Voniatis will help you solve both everyday and complex problems.

As social media evolves, search algorithms change daily, and web users expect more from their experiences, SEO professionals face a huge amount of information to wade through. Andreas presents these SEO challenges through the lens of data science, teaching you how to make evidence-based decisions for success. The book is packed with tried-and-tested techniques, Python code, machine learning and automation models to super-power your SEO.

Buy the book now or make a free appointment to chat with Andreas and get tailored SEO support to fit your needs.  

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