There are over 10,000 possible ranking factors used by Google. Which will make the most difference to your company?

We use machine learning to deep dive into your Google rankings – and those of your competitors – to discover exactly what actions will improve your SEO performance.

“I like working with corkscrew thinkers, who are humble and inquisitive. Working with Artios on a complex data analysis project was a pleasure, with the output going on to drive a series of large scale initiatives.”


Use your competitors’ data against them

Managing, checking and curating thousands of images manually is almost impossible. Are your competitors ranking better than you for certain keywords? Use that. It’s only through a deep dive into the data of your competitors that you can begin to understand what ranking factors are most important in your industry. Narrow down those 10,000 Google ranking factors quickly and accurately. Find out which 50 factors offer maximum effect for minimum effort.

Science not best practice delivers results

Google uses sophisticated machine learning to process data that directly impacts your rankings.

How can you expect ‘best practice’ to give you clarity into such a process?

The only way you can get actionable SEO insights is to use machine learning yourself.

“Artios have helped us identify opportunities to unlock the potential of our website and increase the our average rankings for our targeted keywords. Their statistical approach has helped us win internal support to put the SEO initiatives into action. I like working with Artios because they are open minded, approachable and work very hard to help us achieve our objectives.”


+110 Google Traffic
+35 average ranking increase across
5,000 key words

1. Data collection

We collect data on your competitors on all aspects of their SEO. This data then acts as hypotheses to explain the variation in rankings for your target keywords. The hypotheses cover these holistic areas of SEO:

> Technical
> Content
> Authority

2. Stress testing

The hypotheses are stress tested using machine learning to explain the variation in rankings. Cross validation ensures the findings are robust for repeatable results.

3. Outcomes

Our research will reveal:

> The drivers that are statistically proven to increase Google rankings

> Their ranking impact

> The optimal benchmark to meet and the URLs that fall short of the benchmark

4. Understanding

Our deep dives into each factor allows us to:

> Understand where you are winning and losing

> Understand the nature of the ranking factor

> See how much rank (and revenue) the factor is worth to your brand

> Find practical examples to see how the leading sites are doing a better job

5. Results

Rather than inundate your team with list of pages to fix, we’ll help you focus on the ones that will deliver the most performance.

We will deliver a report, supporting data and face-to-face presentation – all within 4 weeks.

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