I’m the SEO Consultant in London that wrote the book on Data Driven SEO.

Hi my name is Andreas, for over 20 years I have worked as an SEO consultant in London and I just published the definitive book on Data Driven SEO. I am also Amazon’s trusted consultant when it comes to Data Science and SEO - and I have been for over five years. Today, I’m all about helping ambitious businesses grow sustainably via organic search in the shortest time possible.

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I’ll help your business grow, just like I did for these companies.

My 20+ years’ experience covers a broad range of sectors from B2B and regulated areas like fintech, to B2C brands such as Trivago.

Your buyers will find your business in Google, just like my buyers do when searching for “data driven SEO”

If I could ask you a question…

If Google’s search results are powered by data science and AI, shouldn’t it be the same for your SEO?

I’m able to deliver compelling results because I (with the help of my engineers) have built a SEO system that is founded on data science and AI.

My system works because what was thought of as traditional Best Practice SEO is (virtually) dead.

We defy the conventional tick-box approach to SEO with a system that:

  1. Collects and audits data on you and your competitors
  2. Uses AI to crunch the numbers and recommends changes across your website.

Our system covers every SEO service imaginable.

  1. Keywords: Finding the actual language your buyers use in search engines to buy your products and services.
  2. Technical: Site audits to make it easy for Google to discover and understand your content so it includes it its search results
  3. Content: Identifying and creation of optimised content in your business tone of voice to connect with your buyers every step of their search.
  4. Backlinks: Creating Digital PR campaigns that earn backlinks from journalists and influencers writing about your business on their high traffic sites.
  5. Update Recovery: Using cutting edge data science techniques to identify root causes of your traffic and find the critical path to recovery.
  6. Site Migrations: Whether you’re moving to a new domain or Content Management System (CMS), we’ll help manage that process to maximise visibility, traffic and business continuity.

If this all sounds technical, rest assured we have a glossary which explains everything.

Which is why we generate real results in 4 months or less.

We don’t tie you into long 12 month contracts. Our minimum term is 3 months, which means it’s in our interest to deliver meaningful results without delay.

That means high impact SEO out of the blocks.

In our clients’ words.

We delivered 12X more traffic in just four months for Boundless, an HR Tech SAAS platform.  We moved them from an average page rank of 52 to top 5, page 1 for ’employer of record’ – worldwide.

More case studies here.

“Artios has helped us deliver massive growth in a short space of time”. 

Irina Dzhambazova, Head of Communcations at Boundless.

We will also guarantee 200% ROI, as a minimum.

Subject to minimum commitment period determined by our data science models. If we don’t generate 3X our fees within that period, we keep working for free until we do.


What is an SEO Consultant?

An SEO consultant is a specialist expert that helps websites appear in top positions in the search results for an organisation’s desired keywords.

What does an SEO consultant do?

To achieve top positions, the job of an SEO consultant is to close the gaps to the top ranking websites by way of making the site content more discoverable and meaningful, publishing in-demand content and generating backlinks to the website. In addition to these tasks, an SEO provides reporting and insights on website performance in organic search i.e. what’s happening and how to improve it on a regular basis.

What website systems do you cover?

While my team and I can work with any Content Management System (known as a CMS), we have direct experience with Shopify, WordPress, Webflow, Wix, Squarespace, and Magento. 

How should I measure the success of SEO?

SEO is either delivering returns or it isn’t, thus the ultimate measure is either revenue or leads (with some value attached). Naturally we’ll report the leading metrics of Google rank positions, and non-brand traffic leading up to it.

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