Meta descriptions are a key to boosting performance.
We can help you using automated machine learning.

When it comes to organic performance, Meta descriptions can provide an impressive boost. Let’s say you got a 20% increase in SERP click through rates. What would that be worth to your brand?

Make your meta, matter.

Imagine hundreds or thousands of pages without proper metas. In fact, if you don’t provide a meta description, Google will just make it up for you.  Don’t rely on Google, don’t even rely on your own team. It’s time to rely on trusted automation.

That’s lots of opportunities and click through opportunities wasted. But an automated system doesn’t just fix it, it does it faster, doesn’t get tired and  an handle huge volumes of pages. 24/7, 365 days a year.

Deep Content: Brains and brawn.

Deep Content is an artificial intelligence (AI) using Neural Networks that have learned from myriads of web pages to know how to write meta  descriptions, faster and to the same standard as a human.

This means it can

  • Handle large volumes of pages
  • Tell the difference between different types of pages from blogs, category and product item pages
  • Can deliver quickly

Pricing and Guarantee

We charge per URL content accepted by you. If it doesn’t meet your acceptance criteria, you don’t pay.

Humans do a pretty good job at many SEO tasks. But choosing semi- automated SEO and machine learning can produce results, efficently, quickly and cost effectively.


Discover how to profit from meta content automation.

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