Here we present a compendium of knowledge in the form of articles and blogs by Artios, case histories covering completed tasks for existing clients and interesting knowledge from other sources which we have discovered on our journey through the Internet.

A Data Science Guide to Search Intent for SEO

by Andreas Voniatis

We will cover: What is search intent and why does search intent matter for SEO? Problems arising from not understanding search intent Existing software approaches (TF-IDF) A market driven approach…

Try the Search Intent API!

by Andreas Voniatis

Try the Search Intent API! How you can work with the API Correctly format your Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) file (as a .json file with certain categories) Run one…

Machine learning reveals controversial search ranking factors in credit cards sector

by Andreas Voniatis

Artios analysed the top 100 search results in for 100 search phrases picked at random for the Credit Card industry. Their data modelling team analysed more than 170 potential ranking factors.

Getting content marketing insights using machine learning

by Andreas Voniatis

We applied machine learning to Buzzsumo data to learn why content gets shared.

Why SEO agencies really get fired

by Andreas Voniatis

If you want to make it past month 6 with a new client, you need to be transparent and open about your methods, especially with clients of a smaller size.

That’s according to research by Artios, a London-based artificial intelligence search analytics agency, who crunched the numbers and dug out the top reasons businesses part ways with their SEO agencies.

Blind social media study – Least trustworthy, least friendly and most patronising UK politicians revealed

by Andreas Voniatis

A new study conducted by Artios, a London-based artificial intelligence company, has revealed our true feelings about our politicians, by analysing how their social media posts are received when the author’s identity is hidden.

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