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Weavr: B2B Fintech SAAS Startup SEO

by Andreas Voniatis Founder. Fractional SEO Consultant.

Some Context.

Weavr is a B2B fintech startup enabling software companies to embed financial services into their offering, such as payment cards and IBANs.


Weavr had a number of gaps to competitors mainly around content discoverability and content not optimised for online search by their target audiences.

Most of their non-brand search traffic was for their job descriptions, rather than the B2B services they provide, such as embedded payments.

To top things off, their site was loading slowly and Google wasn’t displaying the desired meta description despite having updated it on the backend several times.

What We Did.

  1. Conducted a data-driven competitor SEO landscape audit to identify the gaps in the different areas of SEO to avoid wasting months fixing things that would have no meaningful traffic impact.
  2. Technical site auditing with assisted implementation to make the site load more quickly and cut the CMS errors which improved the position potential of the target landing page content. Technical fixes were prioritised by search volumes to ensure the benefits outweighed the implementation costs.
  3. Using set mathematics we found the content Google considered essential content for a brand operating within the surrounding ‘Banking-as-a-Service’ search space, and used data science to determine how each piece should be created and optimised. This help brief the writers on creating and publishing the content.


56% more non brand Organic Users per month above benchmark.

2X more non brand organic traffic per month in 3 months.

Benchmark is the non brand organic traffic Weavr would have accrued had no further SEO activity taken place.

By the end of 5 months, Weavr were in the SERP1  on Google for ‘Embedded Payments” – worldwide.

In the Clients words.

“Andreas and his Artios team helped us double our organic traffic in 3 months. Talk about immediate impact. If you often work with consultants, you’ll know that finding the really good ones is exciting – you hold on to them. I’m super happy to recommend Andreas and team for anything SEO related. Our meetings with him are always productive for our business – see my first sentence! – and my team has learned a tonne. As the TikTok peops would say “run, don’t walk, to Artiosif you need help with SEO.”
Adam Harrison, VP Marketing

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