Here we present a compendium of knowledge in the form of articles and blogs by Artios, case histories covering completed tasks for existing clients and interesting knowledge from other sources which we have discovered on our journey through the Internet.

Why engagement science is the new storytelling: get precise results fast

by Andreas Voniatis

There’s plenty of articles out there talking about how you should form an emotional connection with your readers if you want to increase your online sales for good reason. Your website visitors need to feel positively about you before they’ll buy. What we are saying, however, is that to get really powerful results your storytelling needs to be driven by engagement science. We’ll offer you some insider tips in this article.

cracking the Enigma code

What does cracking the Enigma code and marketing data science have in common?

by Andreas Voniatis

Attempts to crack the Enigma code led to all kinds of technological advances as brilliant men and women sought to do the unthinkable: to break a code that seemed unbreakable. More than six years later, computing has moved forward at a pace that even those brilliant men and women might find startling. But some things haven’t really changed. In this article, we’ll look at how we’re still facing similar technological challenges today. Although thankfully only the sales charts of companies are at stake.

‘Mobilegeddon’: Is it SEO suicide to have an unresponsive website?

by Andreas Voniatis

On 21 April Google changed its algorithms to favour sites optimised for the mobile Internet. This move was dubbed ‘mobilegeddon’ by some in the digital industry. However, is this move as important as some commentators have suggested? We look at three case studies in the wedding ecommerce, B2B marketing and corporate services industries to find out. We were surprised by our results.

Google uses advanced mathematics: your SEO agency should too

by Andreas Voniatis

The SEO industry needs to provide a genuinely effective and insightful service to their clients in an era of rapid technological change. However, many players in the industry seems to be struggling to adapt. Although data-driven SEO is an industry buzzword, there is still very little emphasis within the industry on mathematics and on getting results that are statistically significant. In this post we’ll look at why current SEO best practice fails to deliver results, how Google works, and how new maths-driven SEO offers the best results to clients.

Deconstructing Google’s Penguin algorithm

by Andreas Voniatis

Google’s Penguin 2.0 algorithm was rolled out during May 2013. MathSight, a company that Andreas Voniatis helped found attempted to deconstruct the algorithmic update using deductive mathematical reasoning. In layperson’s terms what the once secret ingredients were.

Evolution Consultants

Case History

Evolution Consultants was founded by Robert Kennedy, a veteran of the hospitality industry having built his career as a senior director of the Intercontinental Hotels Group.

MessageBase B2B Startup SEO

Case History

MessageBase are one of the UK’s leading providers of telephone answering services to small medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and corporates.

Immerse Learning

Case History

Immerse Learning are a provider of virtual learning, offering language training, bespoke solutions and a Platform as a Service model.

Latitude Solutions

Case History

Latitude Solutions are a leading London based B2B marketing agency with international clients.

Xoomworks Procurement Consulting

Case History

Xoomworks Procurement Consulting are Europe’s largest reseller of the Coupa supply chain management platform.

Freelance Content strategist required

by Andreas Voniatis

Location: UK, preferably commuting distance to London. However, we have some international projects coming up so please also get in touch if you are based outside the UK.

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