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What do you need from a content auditing tool? Complete our survey and win a Fitbit

by Andreas Voniatis Founder. Fractional SEO Consultant.

content auditing tool

How a content auditing tool can help you

If you’re a content professional, information architect, web developer, or project manager then the odds are you’ll often need to gather page-level data about a website.

  1. Perhaps you’re at the early stages of a redesign and need to know what content is already on the website.
  2. Or you’ve got a project planned and want to see how it will fit with existing content.
  3. Or you’re updating the backend of the site and need to know what you’re dealing with at the front.
  4. Or you simply want to optimise the performance of the website and need to quickly identify which pages have great user and Google friendly content and which don’t.

The use-case scenarios can vary widely, but the end result is the same: you need to gather data about website content and it takes ages if you do this manually.

Why we want to create a content audit tool

We’re a data-driven marketing agency with a strong interest in content. We’ve already built our own machine learning platform to allow us to make precise marketing and SEO recommendations to our clients, no matter what Google throws at us next.

We now want to use our in-house machine learning platform to power a sophisticated automated content auditing tool.

So, we’ve decided to find out what you need from a content auditing tool, so we can create the best one possible!

Our content auditing survey

We’d love to hear from you if:

  1. You already use a content auditing tool
  2. You manually audit content
  3. You don’t audit content at the moment, but may consider doing so in the future

Our survey will take 5 mins to complete. All participants who enter their emails will be entered into a prize draw for a Fitbit (the surge fitness super watch edition!)

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