Here we present a compendium of knowledge in the form of articles and blogs by Artios, case histories covering completed tasks for existing clients and interesting knowledge from other sources which we have discovered on our journey through the Internet. 1

SEO Statistics 2023

by Andreas Voniatis

For those of who’ve built careers out of winning search engine visibility, the significance of search as a marketing channel needs no introducing. Every single year, Google Trends shows demand…

How to hire a vetted SEO consultant in 2023

by Andreas Voniatis

What does a SEO consultant do? The types of businesses SEO freelancers work with How can SEO experts help your business? What happens when working with a SEO freelancer goes…

What is keeping CMOs up at night?

by Andreas Voniatis

We asked marketing professionals to share their fears and what they wrestle with daily in their role as Chief Marketing Officers, budget handlers and epic negotiators  Chief marketing officers or…

Online Customer Reviews & Online Reputation Management Statistics of 2022/2023

by Andreas Voniatis

Online Customer reviews are everywhere in 2022 and 2023. You can review pretty much anything, from a hotel to your local plumber. For consumers, these reviews can help them to…

event image ad for search intent: the rise of paid search automation

Search intent: the rise of Paid Search automation

by Andreas Voniatis

  See our panel which was held on 20th May, with both client and agency side experts in Paid Search optimisation, to debate their most effective tactics for maximising AdSpend…

search results for iberico

Paid Search Guide to Search Intent

by Andreas Voniatis

This guide will go through the following: What is Search Intent How Search Intent affects Paid Search Signals of Search Intent Methods for aligning search intent (search query modifiers, TF-IDF,…

Matching keywords to the correct search intent in Paid Search

by Andreas Voniatis

Keywords – Landing Page – Max Bid Price These are the well known pillars of the quality score. And while best practice Google Ads accounts are structured for 1 keyword…

Onboarding Artios SEO Dashboards

by Andreas Voniatis

Learn how much closer you are to getting your own automated in-house SEO business intelligence system. This on boarding involves the main steps being: Google Cloud Platform (GCP) API Keys…

Request to use Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

by Andreas Voniatis

Often clients that are large companies, publicly listed or otherwise, have strict protocols which are usually in place to protect the security of those companies and prevent ‘shadow IT’. We’ve…

A SEO Dashboard Reporting and Automation Guide

by Andreas Voniatis

Our guide will cover… What is a dashboard What can a SEO dashboard tell you How do you automate SEO reporting How much does a SEO Reporting system cost We’ve…

A Data Science Guide to Search Intent for SEO

by Andreas Voniatis

We will cover: What is search intent and why does search intent matter for SEO? Problems arising from not understanding search intent Existing software approaches (TF-IDF) A market driven approach…

Try the Search Intent API!

by Andreas Voniatis

Try the Search Intent API! How you can work with the API Correctly format your Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) file (as a .json file with certain categories) Run one…

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