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easyProperty PropTech Startup SEO Case History

by Andreas Voniatis Founder. Fractional SEO Consultant.

Sector: Property
Activity: SEO
Site: easyProperty

The Outcomes

The collaboration of the UX, product and marketing teams on the implementation of the SEO recommendations has had an extremely positive effect on the easyProperty website. Over the last six months, easyProperty achieved a 110% increase in non-brand SEO traffic.

Sam Cowen, Head of Performance Marketing for easyProperty said:

“Artios have helped us identify opportunities to unlock the potential of our website and increase our average rankings for our targeted keywords. Their statistical approach has helped us win internal support to put the SEO initiatives into action. I like working with Artios because they are open minded, approachable and work very hard to help us achieve our objectives.”

What we did

Through the use of paid search data, we helped easyProperty decide which keywords they would like to focus on and which would be the most beneficial in terms of SEO targets. An important aspect to assess was which areas of the UK we should be prioritising, so we used exploratory data analysis techniques to provide us with information relevant to geographical location. This type of analysis technique also allowed us to determine the kind of content pages required in order to satisfy visitors in various parts of their search journey. This technical viewpoint helped us to provide advice to easyProperty on:

  • Title tags and meta descriptions
  • The URL syntax
  • Headings
  • Content tagging opportunities
  • The integration of the pages into the existing site

This information proved to be highly useful and valuable, and allowed us to provide some suggestions on the type of content that could be integrated into the various landing pages, despite the fact that content strategy was not part of our original brief.

Improving the site architecture was something we wished to address. By analysing the website analytics, we were able to find ways of improving this and thereby we were able to consolidate PageRank. Further statistical tests determined which pages were the most useful and should therefore be available to both the public and search engines, and which should be excluded.

We turned to easyProperty’s competitors in order to provide further suggestions to increase rankings. We performed over 90 hypothesis tests to identify ranking factors that had a mathematically proven predictable relationship to increase rankings. This resulted in a set of recommendations, which we could outline to easyProperty, which provided them with a SEO programme to work with in the short term.

Other analysis that we completed used artificial intelligence to identify:

  • Influencers for social media
  • Sites for media outreach

The outcome of all of our analysis was a comprehensive data driven content marketing strategy. This strategy has helped to secure managerial approval to pursue a content marketing campaign, which we now have the privilege of undertaking.


Our brief was to provide SEO support for easyProperty. With our assistance easyProperty were able to identify opportunities to improve their rankings and increase SEO traffic to the site. Further they were able to secure “buy-in” for getting technical recommendations implemented. Finally easyProperty were able to introduce SEO processes designed to help “bake-in” good practice to the site, and provide valuable information for their marketing team.

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