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Bcalm: MedTech Startup SEO + Digital PR Case History

by Andreas Voniatis Founder. Fractional SEO Consultant.

Sector: Medical Devices
Activity: Content marketing
Site: bcalm

The Outcomes

A data-driven content marketing campaign led to extensive PR coverage, including:

  • The Guardian – ‘Which UK city suffers the most panic attacks?’
  • The Huffington Post – ‘Panic Attack Hotspots Revealed’

In turn, this delivered 876 visits to the bcalm website in 48 hours, generating orders of the bcalm inhaler device at a 2.5% conversion rate.

After two weeks, the campaign had also improved SEO rankings in Google by 33%, while creating new searches for ‘bcalm inhaler’.

Mr Geoffrey Wolf, Managing Director at bcalm, said:

“What Artios have achieved for our, then completely unknown, brand bcalm is simply amazing. Thanks to their AI technology and journalist relationships, we were able to identify PR opportunities and get into the mainstream media without it costing us the earth. What was quite surprising was the amount of sales and brand awareness generated. As a result, we’re doing more content marketing with Artios in the UK and charging them to also promote us in the US. We couldn’t recommend Artios highly enough!”


What we did

Using AI, we analysed what had been written about panic in the media over the last three years. This gave us some statistically-verified insights that could be used to predict:

  • Content marketing topics (the types of discussion that would get traction)
  • The publications that would be interested
  • The editors of those publications
  • The content formats that would be most effective

This information proved to be highly useful and valuable, and allowed us to provide some suggestions on the type of content that could be integrated into the various landing pages, despite the fact that content strategy was not part of our original brief.

Improving the site architecture was something we wished to address. By analysing the website analytics, we were able to find ways of improving this and thereby we were able to consolidate PageRank. Further statistical tests determined which pages were the most useful and should therefore be available to both the public and search engines, and which should be excluded.

We turned to easyProperty’s competitors in order to provide further suggestions to increase rankings. We performed over 90 hypothesis tests to identify ranking factors that had a mathematically proven predictable relationship to increase rankings. This resulted in a set of recommendations, which we could outline to easyProperty, which provided them with a SEO programme to work with in the short term.

Other analysis that we completed used artificial intelligence to identify:

  • Influencers for social media
  • Sites for media outreach

To ensure our content marketing would be data-driven and newsworthy, we designed and conducted research through an independent marketing research agency.

After analysing the results, we then created content and conducted outreach to promote it online.


bcalm approached us with two key objectives:

  • Drive brand awareness, which would be measured by brand searches and traffic
  • Increase search engine rankings in Google
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