Artios SEO Dashboards

See. Know. Show.

See the organic performance contributors. Plus know the drivers behind Google updates and show the value of your SEO. We’ve automated SEO reporting so you see all the relevant opportunities to accelerate your SEO campaigns.

Ever get the feeling you’re missing something?

Ok, so you’ve got a dashboard. But do you even own it? You’ve got the data stored in your systems. But how optimised is your user search journey?  aren’t you tired of seeing the same old charts that tell you nothing new? How can you tell if some data isn’t being shown? Or what the outcomes will be?

Now you can make better decisions faster with connected data.

With our dashboards, you gain the knowledge to see the full picture. Not just a snapshot.

Power is nothing without control

The Artios dashboard stores the data in systems owned by you. So, you have the
control to ensure it is GPDR compliant and fits in with your legal team’s data policy.

Why what you have is not enough

Currently you can export data and have to log in to their systems to pull rankings and get Google Analytics and Search Console. But what about unifying data from SEO specific tools?

Wouldn’t it be great to have your systems to do all this. Yes, you’ve got Supametrics from Google Search Console (GSC) and Google Analytics (GA). But what about your crawler, rank checker and link intelligence data or using Looker, Adobe Analytics or any other provider? Yes, you can use connectors  straight into Google Data Studio or Tableau. But shouldn’t you have the ability to overlay data properly?

Your data isn’t telling you everything. SEO Automation tells you the whole story.

Like telling you what really works.
Or what the causal relationships are between rankings and content. Or helping you achieve your analytics goals.

Don’t you want your SEO to support other channels – to act as a demand generator and operationalising SEO, so you have a good attack and defence capability?

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Solving data challenges?
With Artios Dashboards it’s automatic.

Pull data from your various SEO tools into a Google Cloud Platform you own and control Machine Learning to improve your data metrics and drive smart charts to help you zero in on opportunities to improve your SEO.

Update your data warehouse quickly on weekly, monthly, quarterly views – whatever you want. With your own data warehouse your team can query and create more visuals as often and as much as they like.

We work with you to:

Connect data sources

Use machine learning

to automatically make sense of the data, populated in your own data warehouse.

Your data visualised

into their own front end, be it data studio, tableau or any other application.

Pricing, Guarantees and Free Trials

A small investment can make a big difference

Starting from just £195/month, depending on the amount of data sources, data pulled and queried per month.

We think you’ll love it, but if you don’t, we’ll stop updating your data warehouse and you don’t have to pay us a penny more.

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If you’d like to learn more details about the technical aspects, read our guide here.

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