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Matching keywords to the correct search intent in Paid Search

by Andreas Voniatis Founder. Fractional SEO Consultant.

Keywords – Landing Page – Max Bid Price

These are the well known pillars of the quality score. And while best practice Google Ads accounts are structured for 1 keyword per Ad Group. What the searcher on Google is thinking when they type in those keywords remains an enigma. 


Tom-ay-to, Tom-ah-to

They’re said differently, yet they mean the same thing. If only search queries were that easy. Your customers have different ways of expressing what they’re looking for.

For example, take “womens trench coats” and “trench coats”, while the latter could quite easily include men, the chances are most people searching for trench coats are women. So you’d want to map both search queries to the women’s trench coat landing page.

Let’s take another example, “funeral insurance” and “funeral savings plans” they both could appear to be different products. Again, apart from the word funeral, in any other contexts, insurance (car, home) and savings plans (ISAs, high interest bank accounts) would not have the same landing page content let alone the same intent. For some reason, funeral insurance and savings plans mean the same thing and would make sense to be mapped to the same landing page. 

What does that mean for you?

At the risk of stating the obvious:

  • Improved quality score
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Higher rankings in Google

How do we know which keywords belong to the same landing page?

We don’t. But our AI does. Artios has trained an AI model on millions of search data, website content to build a predictive model one what keywords share and don’t share the same search intent.

The result? Our Syntent API

Our Syntent API. Your better Paid Search.

All you do is supply our API the keywords, within minutes, our models will make sense of their content and context, grouping them by search intent.

We’ll also name these groups by the highest search volume ‘query’ and return you the list using our API.

What is cost-effective high value search worth to you?

Only you and your clients know. What we do know is that our API charges are based on usage:

$1 USD per keyword level API call (minimum 2 keywords)

So if you have 3,000 keywords to work out the search intent for and group, this will cost $3,000

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