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Google uses artificial intelligence (AI) – why don’t you?

We’re a digital marketing agency with a difference – we use maths and artificial intelligence (AI) to grow your business. In fact, we think that maths and AI is so important we’ve invested in the development of our own data science platform to provide you with precise information about what changes to your digital marketing strategy will lead to an increase in revenue.

We make sure you will benefit from ongoing changes to the digital landscape rather than lose out.

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Latest Blind social media study – Least trustworthy, least friendly and most patronising UK politicians revealed

A new study conducted by Artios, a London-based artificial intelligence company, has revealed our true feelings about our politicians, by analysing how their social media posts are received when the author’s identity is hidden.

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Protein World vs John Lewis

Controversial diet supplement brand Protein World have scored more positively than John Lewis in a blind social media study.

We surveyed 1,000 UK adults, who analysed and rated corporate social media content from brands including Airbnb, Protein World, Lloyds Bank and John Lewis, and gave their honest responses.

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Social media blind test – What happens when we don’t know who we’re reading

1000 UK adults ‘blind tested’ randomly-selected social media content from popular Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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