Data Science has Revolutionised SEO

And we literally wrote the book on it

See what's changed

Google has never been smarter or tougher.  There has never been more complexity in what drives rank, or more data.

Originally Google only made a handful of updates to it’s algorithms. Now it makes thousands a year. Helpful Content, it’s most recent update, focuses squarely on relevant, quality content and user intent. Both of which data driven SEO are excellent for.

Only those who embrace Data Science will see fast ROI from SEO.

Google itself is built on data science.   For those that can harness the same models, the path to fast SEO results is clear and exists in Google’s own data. Those that continue to use traditional methods of paid backlinks, long articles or even AI content, will dread updates (which our clients look forward to) and live in fear of penalty, while many month’s pass waiting for any sign of improvement.

Our founder and lead consultant, Andreas Voniatis, literally wrote the book on using data science to maximise ROI from SEO.  Data Driven SEO was published this year by Springer.

This is why we can guarantee a 200% ROI on our monthly fees.


Artios clients typically 
see a jump of

more non brand traffic 
in 4 months or less

We are uniquely well placed to help you embrace data science to drive better ROI from SEO

We are a consultancy, not an agency. Meaning you work directly with our Founder, Andreas, a recognised expert in data driven SEO.

We practice what we preach – Artios ranks top for data driven SEO

Our SEO work thrives and is built on Google updates. We combine our data science and coding expertise with 20 years’ experience in SEO to generate 200% + ROI across our technical, content and Digital PR work streams. We are ranked in the top three of expert SEO consultants in the UK on the trusted review site: Clutch.

Andreas is regularly asked to contribute as leading expert in Data Driven SEO on a range of international trade titles/Podcasts and has spoken at Brighton SEO on the same topic. He is an ambassador for Rank Ranger and OnCrawl, some of the biggest tools in SEO.

Our results and experience, speak for themselves…

Andreas has personally worked for all of the following brands:

We generate real measurable results, quickly for our clients. 
And they value our work very highly

We delivered a 12X more traffic in just four months for Boundless, an HR Tech SAAS platform.  We moved them from an average page rank of 52 to top 5, page 1 for ’employer of record’ – worldwide.

“Artios has helped us deliver massive growth in a short space of time”.


ON24 called on us to help move them into the highly competitive market for  b2b webinar platforms.  In 6 months, from a standing start, we generated 4X more traffic for ON24 getting them to Google top 5 for ‘webinar’ – worldwide.

“Artios is great at working with data to help deliver and robust 
SEO strategy that got results for ON24.


For Tingtel, a global Fintech Start Up, we delivered +5,200% more Organic Users per month above benchmark.  After three months, Tingtel were in the top 5, page 1 of Google for “buy airtime”, “sell airtime” and other targeted phrases.  “We have found Artios’ SEO services to be extremely valuable”

“We have found Artios’ SEO services to be extremely valuable”

A Case Study

How we used data science to deliver a 12X (1200%) increase in organic traffic in just four months, for a global HR tech platform.

Boundless is an HR Tech scaleup that helps companies ensure their hiring processes are compliant in any country.  When they called us, their site structure was complex and their content strategy disjointed.  Their average google rank was 52.


Centralised their sites and content. We wrote code to run detailed analysis of the competitors and their data to produce a strategic roadmap including technical and content UX recommendations. We implemented the roadmap.

Within four months of calling us, Boundless were in the top 5 on Google worldwide for their number 1 target term ‘Employer of Record”.  That delivered 1,200% (or 12X) more Organic Users per month above benchmark.

Our client,  Irina Dzhambazova, Head of Comms for Boundless, was pleased…

“Andreas has helped us deliver massive growth in a short space of time having assisted us with the site migrations and driving initiatives to grow search. As always his work is reassuringly backed by data and his encyclopaedic knowledge of SEO. He is always full of enthusiasm and energy. 
I highly recommend him.”

Irina Dzhambazova, Head of Comms

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+12x Organic users pm in 4 months above benchmark

Benchmark is the non brand organic traffic Boundless would have accrued had no further SEO activity taken place


We guarantee a minimum of 200% ROI.

We guarantee that our work will generate a minimum of 200% 
ROI against fee

Growth businesses love working 
with us because we understand risk 
and reward

We measure our success in real financial terms, sales uplifts and money in.

Hear from our clients

You will be very lucky to find consultants as smart and yet humble as Artios. In a working relationship spanning over 
5 years (and hundred of millions of URLs!) I’ve greatly valued their perspective and deep expertise.

Working with Artios on complex data science projects were a pleasure, with the outputs going on to drive a series of large scale initiatives.

“Artios has helped us deliver massive (12x pm) growth in a short space of time having assisted us with the site migrations and driving initiatives to grow search. As always their work is reassuringly backed by data and their encyclopaedic knowledge of SEO. They are always full of enthusiasm and energy. I highly recommend them.”

“I found Artios' communication style incredibly helpful in particular their ability to demonstrate and forecast value from Artios SEO algorithms. The knowledge and passion for SEO that Artios brings makes the difference. I only wish they were part of my team!”

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