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Introducing Artios – growth hacking scientists using AI to boost your profits.

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Data science for growth hacking

Using our proprietary algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to capture, analyse and interpret complex data, Artios predicts how well your website will perform in its current state and identifies measurable improvements that will see you grow faster than your competition.

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Google and other search engines only tell you where you are – not WHY you’re there.


Artios provides this knowledge.


We have recently been shortlisted for the Innovation prize at the UK Search Awards, and we will be presenting at Brighton SEO.


We bring math to science, web development, accountancy, content creation and management, ‘traditional’ skills in SEO, e-commerce, journalism, advertising and PR together in a unified team which today works seamlessly to deliver knowledge for SEO.

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A Continuous Process

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The Artios system is a continuous process of search analytics, based on a competitively-priced annual subscription.

Machine learning eliminates guesswork and subjectivity from SEO and content development. We monitor and analyse our clients’ websites and those of their key competitors to deliver knowledge and establish clear strategic priorities which are themselves measured and adapted. The following companies have benefitted from our approach.

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The Challenge of ‘Online

The sales, marketing and business development challenges facing companies of all sizes today are radically different to those of even five years ago. The rate of change and development in media and creative content has increased exponentially and the competitive dynamics have increased in time.

All this can be explained in a simple word – ‘online’. Online marketing is now the key battleground. Technology has empowered each individual consumer with a growing degree of independence from traditional marketing information. This dynamic competitive environment requires new knowledge based on the ability to analyse and interpret the vast amounts of data now being generated.

Artios provides this knowledge.

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You are what Google says you are

Today, for businesses of all sizes, the website is the primary awareness generator and consumer influencer. For many, it is also the primary sales vehicle. A massive infrastructure of ever-increasing sophistication is growing to support this, giving consumers 24 x 7 access wherever they are.

The dramatic rise in smartphone use increasing confirms that they are making use of this access. SEO is tough nowadays and it will only get tougher – you need actionable SEO recommendations that are based on more than educated guesswork.

Not just Google, Amazon and others too

We recognise that Amazon, YouTube, and other search engines are more important to our clients than Google in some countries and some niche markets.

The automotive search market in the USA where these two have an 80% share is one example. Sectors of finance, education, travel, telecommunications and retail all show similar trends in many markets.

We model search engine ranking positions (SERPS) for the following:

Contact us if Amazon, YouTube or other search engines are higher the Google on your priority list. We have the necessary skills and technology.

Visibility and Traffic

The days when television, press and posters dominated are long over. Today, website visibility and search engine-generated traffic are the priorities for every company. specially those in highly competitive sectors with high levels of ongoing investment.

We recognise and apply five golden rules based on a dynamic market in which today’s knowledge is not a long-term asset.


Know who your competitors really are – and maintain that knowledge


Identify the top performing keywords in your market – and keep that knowledge up-to-date


Improve your user experience and content relative to the competition based on clear benchmarks


Optimise your link profiles – and continuously monitor competitive activity


Continuously refine your commercial offering to stay ahead

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