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Our consulting delivers SEO recommendations that are guaranteed to be 95% or higher statistically proven to increase search engine rankings

Attract more quality search traffic and boost revenue

SEO best practice is changing fast – so fast, that it’s no longer enough to tweak your SEO tactics to make them a little better. You need a sophisticated AI-centric approach to SEO that will deliver results no matter what the search engines do next.

An AI-centric approach to SEO will ensure your site design, your content and the traffic sources that drive customer-generating traffic provide the best return on investment for your company not just today but also in the future.


We combine the use of artificial intelligence and years of SEO, Content and UX experience to provide our clients with statistically verified SEO recommendations. – Andreas Voniatis, SEO Data Scientist

How we can definitely help you

SEO strategy

SEO strategy

Developing a results-orientated SEO strategy is the first and most important step in working out how you can attract more quality traffic and boost revenue.

  • Be certain your business will rank in Google, Amazon A9, eBay and others
  • Identify the factors that power the leading competitors to 95% statistical significance
  • Know which SEO initiatives are needed to enhance your online visibility
  • Get rid of guesswork and find a quicker and more empirical route to SEO traffic growth

Our Competitor Insights offers a statistics based review of your SEO traffic generation in terms of content, technical (site design and architecture) and traffic sources. We’ll determine the extent of these elements that are assisting – or hindering – your company in growing your online visibility and SEO traffic. Our data scientists will:

  • collect data on your site and your competitors daily at random times of the day to get a true representation of your search space using our technology.
  • analyse the data using a variety of exploratory data analysis (EDA) and mathematical techniques including analysis of variance (ANOVA), and regression.
  • predict and quantify the effect of the SEO recommendations on your rankings and traffic.

Keyword research

Keyword research

Targeted keyword research using maths is an essential part of an effective SEO strategy. Using our advanced machine learning technology, we process selected keywords to uncover traffic statistics and keyword variations for targeting and content tags.

Our keyword research package includes a one day workshop at your offices to produce a prospective keyword list as well as off-site work.

  • Find the keywords that will get you traffic and convert
  • Stop wasting time on leads that will never convert
  • Get more of the customers you want searching for you
  • Make your SEO campaign more efficient and predictable

Technical SEO and content audit

Technical SEO audit

We excel at technical audits. Here’s what we do:

  1. Accessibility: Using enterprise level technology and methods, we will audit and identify solutions to maximise the accessibility of your content.
  2. Content Scan-ability: Using data science technology, we will identify solutions to maximise the scan-ability of your content. This ensures your content will be visible to customers on your targeted searches phrases online and achieve the correct page ranks to maximise conversions.
  3. Search Engine Interaction: Using cloud based technology and your server data, we will forensically analyse which pages the search engines are visiting (and not visiting) and the feedback they are receiving from your server and other details.
  4. Direct Assisted Implementation & follow up: We will follow up with your team to answer marketing and technical questions on the audit. Our follow up audit will compare and validate the implementation of our recommended SEO solutions.
  • Ensure your content surfaces when your target customers want to buy
  • Get your business where it needs to be, at the top of Google.
  • Gain brand exposure from higher rankings

Content strategy

Content strategy

But before you invest in SEO…, Without good content, you’ll struggle to maintain high page rankings because Google rewards sites that have original content and penalises companies with poor quality, repetitive and spammy content.

There’s also very little point increasing traffic to your website if the poor quality of your content stops customers converting. If you have a low-converting website we strongly recommend you improve your content first before turning your attention to SEO.

  • Convert more of your visitors
  • Stand out from your competitors and make your company memorable
  • Save money by producing only useful, usable and enjoyable content

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