Maths gives you better ROI

We are one of the only digital agencies in the world to use our own maths-based technologies to provide you with verifiable results about which elements of your website are winning or losing you traffic, engagement and revenue.

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half. – John Wanamaker (attributed), US department store merchant (1838–1922)

Our data science makes the digital marketing process more:


We can now identify which changes to your content, SEO or links will increase traffic, engagement or revenue. Most digital marketers make assumptions; we find out what will actually work.  This is through a combination of using maths, data science and engineering.



These changes are also quantifiable thanks to our proprietary machine learning – a branch of artificial intelligence – which constantly refines its model accuracy to quantify the effect on traffic and other success metrics over time.



The digital marketing process is less reactive and more operational because there is a defined and quantifiable marketing plan to increase traffic and online revenue.



Our technology monitors your competitors by mapping out the changes on their website and what others are saying about them. This allows us to see whether their activities are beneficial and what is driving that success.


How our technology works:

Data Wrangling
Data Wrangling

On a daily basis, we gather data on your business and your competitors from a variety of sources including analytics, content, social networks, site architecture, links and rankings. Once the data is collected, we clean and format it for exploratory data analysis (EDA). The EDA allows us to identify patterns that will enable us to build successful predictive models.

Statistical Analysis
Statistical analysis

We then apply a variety of statistical tests to the data to test the numerous factors that will increase your web traffic, rankings and revenue. Any factor that has a 95% (or higher) chance of increasing your online success is then quantified to estimate the size of the impact. We then produce a digital audit that will list recommended marketing actions, starting with the task that offers the highest return on investment.

Artificially Intelligent
Artificially intelligent

To ensure our predictions improve and retain their predictive power, we use machine learning-based algorithms to constantly refine the weights in our model so that you can remain a step ahead of your competitors and the search engines.