Content Marketing

Extend the reach and visibility of your business by data driven content marketing.

Every business wants attention make sure you’re the one getting noticed

Content marketing helps you build the online reputation that your company deserves. We extend the reach and visibility of your brand by targeted content marketing. Adverts and tweets that are seen in the blink of an eye can be useful; but what you really need to rapidly increase your profile is contact and endorsement by key influencers.

Your customers are far more likely to trust, retweet and repost what a journalist or key influencer says about your business than what you say in a blog post or an advert. Content marketing also boosts your search rankings, because Google rewards links from authoritative websites when ranking your website.

Without publicity a terrible thing happens – nothing. – Legendary Publicist & Entrepreneur, P.T. Barnum

How we can definitely help you

Make your company newsworthy


Before you start contacting journalists and influencers, you need to know who to target and also come up with news angles that will appeal to them. This is the foundation of your content marketing outreach strategy. As a first stage of this strategy we’ll:

  1. Help you create a media briefing that answers the important question: ‘why should I write about you?’ Journalists need to know what your company does that is different and newsworthy, and whether you are a trustworthy source.
  2. Research the social media and online editors that act as gatekeepers to your customer groups online.
  • Work out a story that will appeal to journalists
  • Research journalist and influencers that act as gatekeepers to your customers

Maximise your chances of press coverage

press coverage

As the second stage of building an content marketing strategy, we’ll

  1. Inventory your content marketing assets to see what we can work with, and what content potentially needs to be created.
  2. Using this information, and the data already collected, we’ll construct a series of campaigns to build your business reputation online.
  • Work out what existing content you have that we can use, potentially saving you money
  • Using a combination of experience and research, we’ll construct a series of online campaigns to build your business reputation

Get Coverage

Get Coverage

Using the data, we will construct a news plan to build relationships with key influencers on social media and with targeted editors who can raise awareness of your business among your customer groups and strengthen your brand image. We can then help you execute this strategy.

  • Build relationships with key influencers
  • Get coverage that boosts your sales
  • Use press coverage in other promotional material to boost your credibility
  • Improve your SEO and social media through quality links to your website