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Bcalm Case History

by Andreas Voniatis Founder. Fractional SEO Consultant.

Sector: Medical Devices (Consumer)
Activity: Content Strategy for a site launch
Site: bcalm.co


As a result of the collaboration of the content strategy process we are pleased with the performance statistics. The website enjoys bounce rates of lower than 60%, on average over two pages are viewed per visit and the average dwell time is over 220 seconds. The graphic designers were able to make clear informed decisions about the design details, and clarity was provided on the perception bcalm have of themselves within the market.

  • Bounce rates of lower than 60%
  • Over 2 pages per visit on average
  • Over 220 seconds dwell time on average

Our client at bcalm, Mr Geoffrey Wolf stated that:

“the content strategy really helped us convey our product ideas on the website, and we have had positive customer feedback as a result.”

What we did

To produce an effective content strategy for bcalm, we carried out a variety of activities. By conducting an onsite session with a range of positioning words we helped bcalm decide how they wanted to be perceived by the market. In order to determine what the positioning words should be, we used Artios text mining capabilities; a tool that looks to competitor websites – for bcalm this was panic and anxiety solution websites – and generates suggested positioning words.

Alongside our onsite session, we also sat down with the client and discussed who their target market was in terms of a number of factors. The demographics and psychographics of the user were taken into consideration. Furthermore, we also scrutinised what the users wanted out of the website, what type of information a typical user would require and how they would want this information presented to them. Finally their concerns and their calls to action were examined. We gathered this information together to produce a bespoke website content strategy document which specified the tone of the voice for the website.

This research allowed us to produce a number of copy and wireframes which helped the website designers fully understand how the copy would be visualised on the web page and how it would be presented to panic attack sufferers.

In order to create the desired outcomes we collaborated on, and underwent, the content strategy process to support the site launch. The development of the content strategy gave us the information we required to plan the design of, and build, bcalm’s website.

The content strategy not only allowed us to help bcalm decide how they would like to be perceived by the market but also gave the graphic designers a clear idea of design choices. The graphic designers were able to get a better understanding of the site, and the typical panic sufferers that would be utilising it.

As a result of our content strategy and the collaboration with the graphic designers, the bcalm website presents the key ideas behind the product. The prominent text on the landing page highlights how the product is “for the immediate relief from panic attacks”, and further the main concepts that bcalm wanted the user to be aware of are clear. This includes how the product is developed by doctors, how it is safe and natural to use and includes no drugs, how it is an easy and quick way to relieve a panic attack and further that it does not require any unrealistic lifestyle changes.

To correspond with these ideas, the content strategy ensured graphic designers, copy writers and UX specialists made informed decisions about the colour palette, fonts and other design details.


Our brief to aid the launch of bcalm’s website was to produce a content strategy. This strategy would determine which content would go on the website, how the website copy would be written and where it would be positioned.

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