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Online marketing generates a vast amount of information. It is the control and use of this information that has made the search engines so powerful. Understanding how and why they produce the rankings is difficult but the mathematical skills and complex algorithms used are not an exclusive preserve of search engines. Artios has applied the same skills over a four-year development period, including two years of intensive field trials, verification and refinement.

The result is the Artios Knowledge System for SEO. The search engines got there first and are now worth billions. It’s time for far-sighted companies and organisations in every field to apply advanced methodologies – and gain competitive advantage through enhanced SEO knowledge and strategies.

AI for SEO

Artificial Intelligence is no longer tomorrow’s technology. Innovative first movers like Spotify, AirBnB and Facebook meant that AII is working today in many different applications and is already having a massive impact on sales, marketing and customer service. This will expand exponentially in the next decade. The time to get on board is now.

You will come across a variety of terms which all roughly mean the same thing – ‘machine learning’, ‘cognitive intelligence’, ‘neural networks’, and perhaps the most accurate but increasingly ‘data science’.

We use all these terms but focus mainly on AI, data science and our own speciality – SEO analytics.

You will find AI is becoming part of the analytical approach whenever volumes of data are generated – and AI systems can spot patterns and trends long before commercial programmes or humans do – but this does not limit human input, especially in SEO. The Artios method contains both.

Technology Keeps Search Interesting

Just as most SEOs know how search engines what the key ranking ingredients are including compelling content. But not all of those compelling ingredients are offered by the current SEO toolset. For example, none of these use Natural Language Processing (NLP) calculate the sentiment of words and emotions that can be computed by turning copy into word vectors.

Our added value comes into the engineering of ranking factors that can tell you many things about what makes content compelling enough to rank and stayed ranked. We go above and beyond the usual auditing checklist items, helping us to provide you with unique knowledge not found elsewhere.

The Cloud Audits Everyone

To make sense of your competitors’ advantages, you’ll need to audit thousands of ranking sites, not just your own site. This will give you the context of a factor’s relevance but also the necessary sample size to find something useful.

Thanks to cloud computing, this is now possible. The SEO industry has now evolved from using desktop programs like Screaming Frog to cloud based site auditors, making the Artios system possible.

Predictively modelling the SERPs

It doesn’t matter how many ranking factors the search engines throw at you, machine learning certainly will overcome this challenge at scale and at speed. Predictive models get better and better with the advances in AI The Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERPs).

Machine learning will not only find patterns in noisy data, it can also tell you what each pattern is worth in terms of ranking positions.

Discover more uses of stats in SEO

The memes below contain important and lengthy reading which will bring important new insights to those who want to go deeper with Artios methodology.

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